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Welcome to ChaaloKaajKariye.com
The Free Parsi Zoroastrian Matrimonial Website
Where Introductions and Dates are arranged, Marriages are not !

Chaalo Kaaj Kariye!

For those who belong to the non Gujarati speaking community, Kaaj means Matchmaking and the full meaning is - Lets go ahead and match our mates!

Who wants to get married?

It is a natural instinct of humans to love and get loved and what better way than the time tested tradition of marriage with a faithful partner.


A Wedding Ceremony

Letís Romance the practical way.

Letís face it, most of us consider ourselves to be of GenNxt but are shy, afraid of rejection and need the support of Pappa and Momma to find a mate.
But Pappa and Momma are busy and still consider you a growing up child, as our son / daughter is still a baby, too young to get married.
And then there are some selfish parents who despite having married themselves and enjoyed their youth, choose to restrain their children and keep them unmarried to take care of them in their old age. Unfortunately this happens a lot within our community, especially with our young girls who are emotionally blackmailed by their parents.
And by the time you realize that you have grown up, youíve already crossed into the 30ís and lost the most youthful time of your life and what could have been a Healthy relationship is lost forever!

So how practical is an Introduced Date?
Does it really matter if your first meeting is arranged and then fall in love?
Letís face it.  A marriage which has been arranged has some inbuilt safeguards.
The parents are in the loop so they are happy.
Hormones which often blind oneself to that wonderful feeling call Love come up later, keeping your thought processes clear and objective.

And finally, it is statistically proven that an arranged marriage has a much higher success rate that an instinctive marriage.


How does it help to marry within the community?
A lot has already been said about our dwindling population, etc., etc. and the need to do something.
Letís be frank, thatís the least of our worries at our age.

We want a partner with whom we can share every minute of our life. Someone we can dream together with. Someone with whom we can Pray in our Agiary. Someone who shares our Values, Traditions and Culture.

We want someone who will give us children who will look like us and carry our Persian names.
And who can be better than a fellow Zarthosti Bawa / Bawi?

So what are you waiting forÖ
Get going, say a small prayer, fill up up the form and wait for your matches.
Go out, meet your matches, get married and enjoy Heavenly bliss!
Remember, God only helps those who helps themselves.


The Happy Bride & Groom