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Our Love & Blessings to




 Your Feedback....

Dear Chaalo Kaaj Kariye Team,
We are happy to inform you that we have liked each other and have decided to further strengthen our bond and enter into matrimony.
It was only because of your efforts and God's blessings that we were able to connect with each other. 
Thank you for all your efforts. 
Best wishes N***** and Z*****

Hello ,
First of all thanks to ur team for providing such awesome service at free of charge.
As a result of it, I got my match from Lucknow which I never expected.
We are happily engaged now and planning to marry soon.
You can delete my profile as well as my fiancée (A_________) from your site to avoid confusions.
Thanks again and god bless u all.
We are also doing the publicity and suggest you to come on fb and whatsapp to connect with more people.
N  F U

Dear ******
Thank you so much for matching the horoscope of our daughter with all the 4 boys that I sent you at such short notice. You are doing a commendable job and we are very satisfied with your service. You are so prompt and efficient. May God shower his choicest Blessings on You and your family.
Out of the 4 boys, the last 2 whom she liked did not match at all the other 2, she is not really sure, still reviewing. But if you have any good match for her anytime pl send the same to us.
Thanks once again.   God bless you and the people behind Chaalo Kaaj Kariye. 
Warm regards  Ka****ra

Dear Sir/Mam,
Thank you very much for your warm wishes. I too wish your entire team a very Happy New Year. May Lord Ahura Mazda bless you people with happiness, love, peace and prosperity.
May God bestow great strength and spirit on your whole team so that you people can continue the noble work for the entire community.
It's indeed a great work you all are doing and I wish more and more zarthostis are benefited by your noble work.
I would like to let you know that I too would like to be a part of your work and thereby I am ready to provide any help you need. Please feel free to contact me and let me know if I can be of any help in your kind deed.
Thanking you once again. NO**R

Dear Team,
Thank you for suggesting 4 suitable partners.
However, F--- when contacted said that they have put the matter on hold.
F--- /F--- have elected not to put up their pictures, so very vital an aid at assisting in selection, especially when residing outside the same geographical area. May I kindly request that your worthy team should make it mandatory for candidates to furnish their pictures. After all this matter is being normally handled by parents or guardians with utmost sincerity.  I am sure you must have considered this factor and therefore will assume that you have your valid reasons to let candidates not submit their photographs and we therefore abide by your decision.
May we request you to kindly keep our son's name on your active list, as we have not been successful so far.
Thanking you for the good efforts you are putting in for us.

Dear Chaalokaajkariye Team,
Thanks for your assistance in matrimony support. I and my wife, wish to convey our sincere gratitude for your kind deed.
Warm Regards,

Dear Shri Cyrus ji
The service you are rendering to our community is colossal. It is benefiting hundreds of Zoroastrians world wide.
May God bless you and your team.

Dear CKK,
I wish to report that the 3 ladies you sent earlier well 2 out of 3 never responded back to me, and the 3rd one took me on a wild goose chase as her MOTHER was the one to put the listing without the daughter KNOWING. Did the daughter get spooked even though I took initiative - so sadly, nothing has worked yet - but I appreciate your hard work.
Just wanted to pass on feedback to you. 
I think its prudent that those looking for love only put up their details so they know what is going on - this is one change you must put in order to avoid any further wild goose chases. Just my take on it.
The cowardice shown by that parsi girl was extraordinary - and this is the attitude that puts off single guys like me. No wonder the community is dwindling. Nakhra bau che baira oh naah, sorry to say. I will never tolerate such dramas!
Just to let you know I am grateful for the work you do, but as left very angry - not only did I get nowhere in the end the girl’s mother had to eat humble pie and that started WW4 between them!

Pateti & Navroz Mubarak!
To Dear Chaalokaajkariye Team, 
May the festive spirit enter the door into your home 
and fill it abundantly with happiness, prosperity and good health. 
Saal Mubarak Dear Family! 
May all be well with you and yours.
With warm affection,
Z**** Behram J******** A**i 

Dear Shri Cyrus ji
The service you are rendering to our community is colossal. It is benefiting hundreds of Zoroastrians world wide.
May God bless you and your team.

Thanks. U R indeed very caring. God take care of U n bless U.

To:- Chaalokaajkariye Team 
THANK-U for the Valued GREETINGS -  GOD BLESS “U” with Peace + Prosperity & Happiness ;

Thanks for the good work you are doing.  Please remove me from the list as I am seeing someone currently. 
Thanking You,

Hi Team, 
Thank you for New Year wishes and wish you all the same.
Please send details of eligible bachelors for our daughter F***h.
Regards D***y

Dear Chalo Kaaj Kariye Team,
Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes.
Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May our community grow from strength to strength.
M****k, N*****h & M***z

Have you still not been able to find a girl for my son E*** ? His bio and photo is already with you

Dear  Team,
Please cancel my registration.
Reason for cancelling the registration:
Unfortunately most of the girls are so very bossing and they are gold diggers

Dear Team,
Many thanks for helping us :)
Best Regards,

A gud news - From the profiles you had sent me, I had met up with A  A  in Feb & we got married in May.
Thanks for your effort. 

dear *****
Thank you for your call. Keep up the good work.

Dear Team,
There was a favour to ask... My brother P M is registered with you.  Please do send a few profiles for him as he still has not been able to find a bride.Thank You.

Dear Team Members,
We wish to thank you & our sincere appreciation for all the efforts your team is doing for our community. Our son K & J have agreed to unite & will let you know the date of marriage.
With warm regards.
A & J