FAQ’s What is Chaalokaajkariye.com?
Chaalokaajkariye.com is a Free Matrimonial Service for Parsis and Zoroastrians.
We encourage our applicants to know the other person and not make quick decisions.
We consider that while our introductions are arranged, marriages are not !   Who can apply?
Any Male or Female born of at least one Zarthosti parentage 18 years and above from anywhere in the world.
The person must not be engaged or married at the time of application. What are the Charges?
This service comes to you FREE OF COST.  This is a pure voluntary effort. Do you plan to sell the data?
NO. To the best of our ability, we will make all possible efforts to not reveal the data to any organization.
Only the matched profiles would be shared between the applicants. How this will work? 
The Process followed would be:

  1. You will fill in the Online Application Form and submit it. Keep your Birth Date, Place & Time ready before hand.
  2. On submission, you will receive a confirmation email giving your Registration No. to which you will reply attaching your photographs.
  3. You must reply attaching your photographs in JPEG, maintaining your Registration No.
  4. We will scrutinize your applicantion and then match the Horoscopes with the most compatible applicants keeping in mind social, economic, geographical and age considerations.
  5. We will then send you the most compatible bio-data's. Your bio-data will be forwarded to the appropriate match.
  6. You will now interact directly with the partners introduced to you.
  How important is it to send Photographs?
It is very important. A photograph is an extension of your personality. If you are serious about getting a suitable mate, you must send your photos.
At the website, it provides a bond and motivates and encourages us. What if I don’t have my Birth Date and Time Data for Horoscope?
If you don’t submit this data, we will match your profile with others on Socio Economic factors only. This will severely reduce your chances of finding a mate. I am born of Mixed Parentage. Will I receive matches from applicants with both parents being Zoroastrian.
Applicants of mixed parentage will only be matched with similarly mixed parents. What happens if the matches are not appropriate?
You can email to us giving your registration number and we shall send you other suitable matches which may have come about in the meanwhile. What is the Guarantee that there will be no subsequent problems in the marriage?
Like all things Human, we can also fail. A successful marriage is in the hands of Ahura Mazda and of the efforts of the couples themselves.
It is the duty of the applicants to verify all the claims of the opposite side, check compatibility and do due diligence before tying the knot.
We are merely facilitators and at no point do we agree to take any responsibility for an improper match. What is the Validity period for my application?
Once we send you a suitable match, we will assume that at least one of the matches were suitable and will not consider your Bio data for further matching.
In case you are still single, you need to send us an email quoting your Registration Number so that we continue to send you matches. What is the expected time frame by which you should expect your match ?
We have automated our system and if a suitable match is available, you will get our reply within a week. If matches are not found, we will continue looking for a suitable match to come over.  Can I help the matchmaking process?
You can definitely help. The more bio data’s we have in our files, the more chances that we can find a suitable match for you.
Publicize the website to your friends thru word of mouth.
Take a Printout of the Chaalokaajkariye advertisement (See "Contact Us" page) and place it on the notice boards of your Agiary, Colonies, Buildings and Dharamshala Notice Boards. Request Zorastrian Periodicals to publish the advertisement Free of Cost.  How can we help the match making process?
Once you are engaged, you should immediately inform us so that we don't continue our efforts looking for a suitable match for you. What happens once we get engaged thru your efforts.
Nothing could be sweeter than that!  We would love to hear that from you.
If you like, you can both send us your wedding invitation! Who are the promoters of “Chaalo Kaaj Kariye”
This is a joint effort of  Cyrus Engineer and Veera Mavalwala, two concerned Zarthostis from New Delhi. What are the limitations of this Program / Website.
The Promoters of this website are only facilitating the Matchmaking process and bringing together Parsi / Zarthosti Boys & Girls and Ladies & Gentlemen together.
There is no method of verifying the information provided by the applicants.
They do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the authentication and verification of the identity or the information provided by the applicants or any consequences thereafter leading to legal, fraud, Losses, Damages, Reputation loss, Divorce, Litigation, etc., resulting from any interaction with the website and its owners. I am a bit confused. Can I speak to your counselor (Website) directly.
Yes, we now provide a telephone facility. For security reasons, we have not placed our Tel no on the internet. All you need to do is to send an email to chaalokaajkariye@gmail.com giving your Name and Mobile no. and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Registered applicants can also get in touch with our counselor for any issue they need to discuss in the same manner.

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